The following thumbnails are photos of
a commercial deer completed for a
good client, Dusty High.  These
thumbnails are intended to aid the
prospective client in determining if they
are interested in utilizing the services
of Bauman's Taxidermy Studio.  Please
enjoy this section.  You may click on any
thumbnail to see the full size example
of the photo.  If you have any questions
or comments, please contact Kenneth
Whitetail Pricing
Standard Pose Shoulder Mount:  $625
Wall Pedestal Shoulder Mount:  $700
Pedestal Shoulder Mount:  $800
Half Life-size Whitetail:  $1500
Life-size Whitetail: $2,750
Horn Mount:  $125
European Mounts:  $150 (w/out plaque)
Wall plaque for European mount: +$25
Pedestal plaque for European mount: +50
45 degree hanger $10

Solid Oak or Walnut Plaque: +$50
Bottom teeth visible:  +$75
Flehming Nose: +$150
Full Open Mouth:  (Priced upon request)
Complicated base work: (Priced upon request)
Antler repair: $35 per hour
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