Price List as of 12/26/18

"Choose a Reproduction Fish for the quickest turn around time. "

Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards

(a 2.75-3.5 extra fee may apply to large credit card payments

These are the prices of the commonly mounted species in my shop.  If your species is not listed or you are unsure of a price,
please feel free to contact me for a price quote. (405) 570-1051 (before 9:00 p.m.)

* = special notes

All fish (skin mounts and reproductions):  $19.00 per inch
*$200 minimum on all fish
*Semi-competition mounts are available.  Priced upon request
*Simple habitat included.  Complex habitats priced accordingly.

Small (Bobcat, Raccoon, Coyote):  $400.00
Medium  (Deer, Exotic Sheep, Pronghorn) :  $625.00
Large: (Elk, Caribou, Kudu, Waterbuck,,):  $1200.00
Extra Large:  Priced upon request
*Open mouth: $150-$300 extra depending upon species and labor.
*Thick skinned animals, like steers, bison, & wild hogs will incur an extra fleshing/tanning charge due to
extra time, difficulty, and tanning cost.  
*Semi-competition mounts are available.  {Priced upon request)
*Panels extra
*Wall pedestals ($75) and special poses extra.

(Most species priced upon request)
Medium sized (bobcat, raccoon, badger, fox):  $850.00
1/2 life-size mounts:  3/4 the life-size price
*Open mouth: $100 - $300 depending upon species & labor.
*Semi-competition mounts are available.  Priced upon request.
*Simple bases included.  Complex bases priced accordingly.

Turkeys:  call
Pheasants: call
Quail:  call
(We no longer accept Migratory Birds)

Rattlesnake:  $9.00 per inch

Prices will vary among species & size, please call.
Deer back hides: $150
Bobcats:  $150
Steer hides not accepted
Others priced upon request.

Rug work
Prices will vary among species & size, please call.

Antler Mounts
Deer-size) =  $125
Elk-size = $200
Horned species additional

European (Skull) Mounts
Deer-size = $150
Lower jaw = $25
Elk = $225
Boar = $200
Ram = $150
*Others prices based upon species
Panels: start at $25 extra
Pedestal Panels:  $50
45 degree hanger $10

Taxidermy Training Classes
I no longer offer classes on taxidermy.  Due to my full time teaching position and lack of shop time, I
can no longer afford to offer taxidermy training classes.  My apology.

All species must have been legally taken.  Illegally taken animals will not be accepted, please do not inquire.  Protected
species must have complete paper work and documentation.

No Domestic Pets Accepted.

A 33% deposit is required before any taxidermy work will begin.  Storage fees will be applied to animals picked up before
contracted taxidermy work begins.

All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Due to abandoned specimens, no down payments, slow down payments, slow final payments, and no final payments; all
taxidermy work will require a 50% down payment , instead of the normal 33%, before any work will proceed.  A $25 pick
up fee will be applied to all mounts that require pick up at "No Mercy Hunting".  Customers are responsible for all shipping
charges.  Customers have 30 days to make final payment upon completion contact or the mount will become the property of
Bauman's Taxidermy and will be sold to the first interested party.  Common prices for the available animals are:  $625-
Exotic Sheep,  $850 Open Mouth Boar, and $625 Exotic Deer.  

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