by:  Kenneth Bauman
Every good taxidermist knows the importance of good reference
material.  Photos are a major part of this taxidermy reference.  It is
near impossible to recreate an animal of nature accurately without
good reference.  For the last 16 years, I have competed in many
taxidermy competitions throughout the United States.  I have met and
conversed with many champion taxidermists, and one thing is agreed
upon.  If you want to win blue ribbons and major awards,  you better
study your reference.
Over the years, I have had opportunities to compete, present
seminars, and judge at various competitions.  The people that I
become acquainted with at these shows are amazed at the amount of
reference photos I have collected.  I am constantly asked where can I
purchase these photos.  Well, all my high quality photos can be
purchase right here.

My business is Internet based and mail order.  If there is a show
coming up and I am scheduled to attend, please call ahead and place
an order.  I will bring your photos with me to the event.

Photo Prices
Package Photo Sets: $1.00 per photo
Enlargements of Individual Photo:  $8.00  (8 x 10)
Shipping Charges are figured into pricing.

Hopefully, you will find many of my photos useful to your taxidermy
business and I can get you an order together soon.

Payment:  Check or Money Orders Only
Mail to:    Bauman's Taxidermy Reference
3119 Shady Lane
Anadarko, OK  73005