Bauman’s Custom Reproductions
Molded & Cast by: Kenneth Bauman
Raw-Unfinished $8.00 per inch

Fish Blanks:

  • Raw-Unfinished ($8.00 / inch)
  • Second Generation Blanks ($10.00/inch) (Gen2)
  • Ready-to-Paint Closed Gills ($12.00/inch)
  • Ready-to-Paint Open Gills ($14.00/inch)
  • Finished ($28/inch)
  • Credit Cards Accepted.

To place an order, call 405-570-1051.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Ready-to-Paint (CG) $12.00 per inch & (OG) $14.00 per inch

Click the description to see a full size image of my custom made blanks. If a photo is not available here, text me at (405) 570-1051.  Custom blanks are available to other taxidermists for purchase.  If you are a prospective client, interested in having a replica fish completed by Bauman’s Taxidermy, I can do my very best to locate you a commercially available blank, appropriate to your species and dimensions.  Your specifications do not have to be listed below.  See the bottom statement on this page.

Finished $28.00 per inch

Bluegill 6  CM CG LT S
Bluegill  8  CM CG STR
Bluegill  9 x 9.5  CM CG  STR
Bluegill 10 x 10 OM CG LT  S
Bluegil (Hybrid) 11 x 10 CM CG LT

Redear Sunfish 13 x 12.5 CM CG LT S
Redear Sunfish 13.5 x 13.5 CM CG LT S

Brook Trout  14.5 x 8  OM CG LT S

Brown Trout 16.5 x 8 (M) OM CG LT S
Brown Trout 24 x 16.5  (F) OM CG RT TU S
Brown Trout 27 x 17 (F) OM CG RT TD S

Brown Trout 29.5 x 19 (F) OM CG RT S
Brown Trout 30.5 x 20.5 (M-Hook) OM CG LT S

Crappie  13.5 x 9 CM CG S RT
Crappie  14 x 10.5 OM CG LT S
Crappie  14.5 x 11.25 OM CG or OG C LT

Crappie 15 x 12.5  OM CG or OG RT-S
Crappie 15.5 x 14 OM CG or OG C LT
Crappie  16 x 12.25 OM CG RT heavy C
Crappie  16 x 13.5 OM CG/OG Slight S LT
Crappie  16.5 x 14.25 OM CG or OG S RT
Crappie 16.5 x 14.5 CM CG LT-S
Crappie  17 x 13 OM CG  S LT
Crappie  17.5  x 14.25  OM CG S RT
Crappie   18 x 13 OM CG or OG S LT
Crappie 18 x 14.75  OM CG or OG  LT-S
Crappie   18.5 x 14.5  OM OG S LT

Dorado  19.5 OM CG S

Hybrid Striper  23 x 15  OM CG or OG
Hybrid Striper 25.5 x 17.5 LT-S slight down OM CG or OG
Hybrid Striper 10 x 6 CM CG (will work as a Striper)
Hybrid Striper 29 x 20.75  OM CG or OG  RT-S
Hybrid Striper 32 x 23 OM CG or OG LT-S

Largemouth Bass 7 x 4.5 CM CG STR
Largemouth Bass  15 x 9, 1.5# CM CG RT S
Largemouth Bass  18 x 12, 3.25# OM CG LT slight S
Largemouth Bass 18.5 x 13.5, 3.85# CM CG LT slight S
Largemouth Bass 19 x 13, 4#  OM OG LT S slight down
Largemouth Bass 21 x 14,  5.25# OM CG or OG RT  slight S
Largemouth Bass 21.5 x 15.5,  6 1/4 # OM CG RT slight S
Largemouth Bass 21.5 x 17.5,  6 3/4# OM OG LT S-down
Largemouth Bass 22 x 16.5, 6.5# LT OM CG S
Largemouth Bass 22 x 17, 7# LT OM CG
Largemouth Bass 22.5 x 16.5, 7# RT OM CG or OG S – Up
Largemouth Bass 22.5 x 18, 7 1/2#, RT OM CG or OG
Largemouth Bass 23 x 16 3/4, 7 1/4#. LT OM OG S
(GEN2 Available)

Largemouth Bass 23.75 x 17.25,  7 3/4#  RT CG or OG S – Up
Largemouth Bass 24 x 18.5,  8 1/2 # LT OM or OG (GEN2 Available)
Largemouth Bass 24.5 x 20.5, 10 1/4# LT OM CG or OG S (Gen2 Available)
Largemount Bass 24.75 x 17.5,  9# LT-S OM CG or OG

Largemouth Bass  25 x 18,  9 1/4# RT TU – S  OM CG or OG (GEN2 Available)
Largemouth Bass 25.5 x 19.5, 10 1/2# LT OM OG S
Largemouth Bass 25.5 x 20.5, 11 1/4# OM OG LT-S Up
Largemouth Bass 25.5 x 22.25, 13.5#  LT OM CG or OG S down
Largemouth Bass 25.5 x 21, 12 #  LT slightly OM CG S slight tail up
Largemouth Bass 26 x 18.5, 10.5# LT OM  OG or CG S
Largemouth Bass 26.5 x 21, 11.75#  LT OM  OG or SG S

Reproduction Blank Construction: My blanks are made of gel coat resins. Mouth pieces are made of latex rubber. Fins are semi-transparent with a hint of flex to them. Unfinished, open gill fish will require an artificial gill. Wood block will be placed in the center of the back side, unless a different positioning is requested. Blanks noted with a CG or OG are molded closed gill, but have the gill flaps spread a little. They can be altered to open gill with a Dremel cut off tool and heat.  I do sell a 5.25″ gill set that will work with larger bass ($12). They do NOT come with a pair of eyes, nor do I sell eyes.

Legend:      LT or RT or STR:  (Left Turn or Right Turn or Straight)
OM or CM:  (Open Mouth or Closed Mouth)
OG or CG:  (Open Gill or Closed Gill)
S or C: (S-curved shaped or C-Curved shape)

Competition Disclaimer: If you elect to enter one of my blanks into competition, YOU assume all responsibility for your score and ribbon. These blanks are molded and cast to the best of my ability, and they are NO guarantee of your success competing. I will refuse to sell a ready-to-paint or completed blank for the purpose of competition. Raw blanks are available for competitions, but it will be your responsibility to complete all finish work.  Upon entering, you must claim the blank as commercially purchased and NOT original.

R2P Blanks:  There may be certain times of the year, when ready-to-paint blanks will not be offered. R2P blanks have all the finish work completed.  Eyes will come with a latex rubber mask that can easily be removed after painting.  

Raw / Unfinished Blanks:  Raw / unfinished blanks are exactly that. These blanks are removed from the mold. Seams will trimmed to about an 1/4″. I scrub them with soap and water, then rinsed with acetone. They will require a relative amount of finishing experience. They are NOT “snap-together” blanks. Task will include midline seam finishing, mouth insertion, artificial gill creation, paired fin installation, and eye setting. Instruction sheets are included with every order. I am available for help by email, messages, text, or phone. Simple instruction sheets are included.  If you experiment with methods, beyond the suggestions given in the instruction sheet, I cannot be responsible.

GEN2 Blanks:  These blanks are my version of “snap together” blanks.  They should have around 30 minutes prep time for most experienced taxidermists. Blanks come with a completed head, that will need attachment.  Midline fins are in place and there is a small midline seam that will need finishing.  Both are ground down and ready for finishing.  Paired fins are separate and fit into a formed pocket on the body.  A pair of red gills come shaped to the body and attach easily with super glue.  Simple instructions are included.  If you experiment with methods, beyond the suggestions given in the instruction sheet, I cannot be responsible.

A full line of commercial reproduction work is also available. Please contact me, to see if I can locate a specific species and size for your trophy. All commercial reproduction work is $28 per inch and normally has a 6 month turn around.

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